The Book

Eight Minutes to Ageless is for the bare minimalist who wants maximum health benefits. The KISS principle for your well-being. Dr. Pearson outlines how to care for the muscular system quickly, the ligamentous structures, get the fundamental nutritional requirements, with a focus on the easiest way to care for the cardiovascular system. Flexibility is the key to life. While Einstein reminds us that nothing happens until something moves, Dr. Pearson reminds us that poor aging is the only thing that happens when nothing moves!
If you feel confused and sense more and more you’re not living up to your potential, take heart and know that the body is responsive to doing the right things, in particular doing the right things every single day. This manual, filled with excellent illustrations, will show you to easily stretch your body in less than 4 minutes a day while standing up and wearing street clothes. (Taking all the excuses away is essential!) In the additional 4 minutes a day, you will also learn how to use a roller not to stretch the muscles, but rather to lengthen the ligaments of the spine that are commonly the reason we end up hunched over, and worried about falling all the time.
Dr. Kelli hopes you can live well up to the moment of your last breath, and not follow the slow downward spiral that so many people experience. Eight minutes to Ageless is your solution.